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LSD and a Funeral

Life has its ups and downs. After some success in career and relationships it was time to pay the toll and spread some light to the fam. I’m often on my own magical journey. Fact is I’m only usually back around family for the sad parts.

I’m in the kitchen with my uncle helping him replace a chandelier. He asked me what I’m going to do. I give him a spiel on my life’s trajectory. He responds “No, What are you going to do for the funeral.” I say I’m going to create an art section and hand out LSD at the reception after the funeral. He thinks it's a good idea. My goal is to ease the rising tensions and help people see each other in a new light.

The story of my goal spreads to other members of the family. Some people think it's a good idea, some people warn me of people who they think lost their minds to LSD. My sister bans me from handing it out on the premises. So now I have to ask people to take a walk if they want to do it. This extra effort drained me too much to also add the art section, but I was a little more obstinate on sharing the LSD.

I cut the squares into quarter tabs and dissolved them in orange juice. Only one other member of my family actually decided to try some. A quarter tab is light, barely noticeable if you are looking to get high, but it did bring me an emotional weight to my usually callous way of being.

I was happy no major arguments or fights broke out and that I got to share a bit of my crazy self with my family. Later that week I took some of the fam hiking and we drank the rest of the orange juice.

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