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On the Virtues of Low-dose DMT

When people talk about magic mushrooms, the "heroic dose" is a common topic. But other doses (and their diverse benefits) are also frequently discussed. At this point, for example, micro-dosing is fairly popular with both mushrooms and acid. With DMT, however, the general advice seems to be: "Smoke as much as you possibly can to achieve a breakthrough." If you can't smoke enough on your own because you're tripping too hard after one or two hits, then ask a friend to help you hold the pipe! Or invest in something like a Glass Vapor Genie for maximum inhalation potential. Don't stop until you've entered hyperspace. But just like mushrooms or acid, DMT has different benefits at different dosage levels. This is something that DMT itself taught me. Here's the little story. I have a vape mod exclusively for DMT. It's easier than a pipe. You don't have to fumble with a lighter. You don't have to keep loading it each time you trip. You fill the tank with DMT-infused ejuice, press a button, and inhale as much as you want. I had my first big breakthrough with a vape pen, so I favor ejuice as a delivery method. I would usually "smoke as much as I possibly can" and then lean back and let it happen. During one trip, it didn't quite happen. I took enough to reach the hyperspace threshold, and then I stayed there. On the threshold, sometimes things bleed through from the other side. Sometimes these things feel rather intelligent. Whether they're the "machine elves" described by Terence McKenna, I can't say. That question deserves another blog post (or a whole book (or a library)). But these things seem to have their own opinions. They communicate, not necessarily with words, but with the trip's mental geometry. This time, they wanted me to stay at the threshold. I normally wouldn't take another hit when I'm already mid-trip. I would let the trip subside, wait an hour or two to stabilize myself, and then consider going again if it feels right. But this time, as I mentioned, the things on the other side wanted me to stay right where I was. So I listened to their advice and took another hit. I kept taking small hits to extend the trip. DMT usually lasts less than thirty minutes, but I stretched this trip for hours. I never passed the threshold. Instead, I sat in the middle, between hyperspace and what we call reality. The distinction between these two "sides" slowly, gently, and lovingly dissolved, until love, indeed, was the only thing left. This is what DMT wanted me to experience, and this is what it wanted me to tell other people about. Since then, I've taken hundreds of low-dose DMT trips. They don't always last for hours. Sometimes I'll only trip very briefly. These brief trips can be highly pragmatic. If I have an issue I want to resolve, whether personal, work-related, or you name it, I can take this issue with me on a low-dose trip. I can sit at the threshold and pass the issue from my side to the other side. I can watch as the things on the other side take the issue, rearrange it like a Rubik's Cube, and then pass it back with a new configuration. These low-dose trips occasionally seem to go sideways. They can twist in unexpected directions. But then I'll take another hit, prolong the trip again, continue to sit at the threshold. And the trip will eventually circle back to the original issue, snapping into place from an angle I couldn't predict. Clarifying. Motivating. Educational. That's low-dose DMT for me, which is a far cry from the molecule's typical reputation. Hyperspace breakthroughs are famous for their circus-style pandemonium. And "heroic" mushroom doses are famously challenging too. But high doses are not the only worthwhile doses. Of course, if you're after a high-dose experience, you can still always slip deeper into the pool with an ejuice setup. Just take bigger hits!

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