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Welcome to the Queens Psychedelic Society website. QPS is a psychedelic-themed meetup community and informational resource based in Queens, NY. We hold regular meetups where psychedelic enthusiasts can share and learn in a friendly and supportive environment. We'll also be launching a psychedelic-themed blog and hosting special events soon so stay tuned!




Chat, hang out, ask questions, share stories... our regular meetups are the place to mingle and share with fellow psychonauts. We generally meet in person at the good ol' Red Pipe Organic Café in Forest Hills but sometimes we meet virtually, depending on the whims of COVID. Visit our Meetup page for the latest.




Tom Lento

Founder / Organizer

Tom is a data analyst and artist looking to establish a wholesome microcosm in which to herald a supportive community to discuss the safe integration of psychedelics.


Bryan Lesseraux


Bryan designs and builds websites at his day job. He's the resident webmaster at QPS and helps runs the organization's bi-weekly online meetups. Bryan is looking to help build a grassroots psychedelic metaverse.


Pammy Jackson

Aesthetic Guru

When Pammy was born, the Goddess Aesthete dipped her into the Lake of Beauty, endowing her with the ability to make everything she touches look good. Pammy is the resident Aesthetic Guru at QPS where she uses her impressive powers to bolster the QPS brand.



The QPS Alien Mascot

QAM, our alien mascot, is a jack of all trades. He crop dusts with alarming frequency, owns a coterie of interstellar pets and an amazing collection of broken glass, and enjoys watching porn from the Andromeda and Centaurus A galaxies.


Sir Archibald Robitussen

Executive Director

We're all just ants livin' in Archibald's ant farm. Despite the exalted title that QPS has burdened him with, Archibald is a true man of the people and the inspiration behind our organization.  All hail Sir Archibald!



Whatever it is you do best

Join the QPS team: write, edit, code, draw, sculpt, dance, weave... we welcome your unique talents. The pay ain't great, but the company is awesome and we're building a stellar psychedelic movement that will make your mama proud! Drop us a line below...

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